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Our Impact

In the last seven years, we have trained over 84,000 nurses, doctors, midwives, community health workers and other medical workers.

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‘What’s wrong with me?’

No matter their gender, age, education, nationality or social background, this is the most urgent question that any sick person is asking everywhere in the world.

It may be a patient lying in a comfortable hospital bed in the UK or a person with HIV in an isolated village in Zambia, a pregnant woman in a health center in Cambodia or an adolescent with a depressive episode in a rural area of Bangladesh.

And what happens if the doctors, nurses, midwifes or community health workers who are supposed to take care of these patients do not know the answer? And what if there is no health worker at all to answer that question?

This is what we do: we work to ensure that none of these questions will remain unanswered anymore.

From Cambodia to Zambia, from Myanmar to Ethiopia, health workers across the world have developed their skills so they can provide better health care to their communities.

Providing access to healthcare reaches far beyond the individual, allowing whole families to survive and provide, communities to flourish and prosper, and nations to thrive and succeed.

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We have learned many new things during our training in Ifakara, Tanzania or at least enhanced and gained confidence of the skills we already had.

Saed Abdi Farah - Nurse - Somaliland

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