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Together, we can HEAL

Here at THET, partnership has been at the core of our work for over 30 years. We recognise that the incredible strides and achievements made by the global health community would not be possible without collaboration, solidarity, and investment.

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Introducing HEAL

In a time where partnership in global health is needed more than ever before, THET is excited to announce the launch of our HEAL (Health Equity for ALL) campaign. By platforming the voices and experiences of health workers in the UK and in low- and middle-income countries, we hope to increase support for UK Aid investments in global health.

We invite you to join us in making change. To build stronger health systems. To prioritise health equity. To unite with your fellow health workers – wherever they are in the world.

It’s #TimetoHEAL. Together, we can make it happen.

Why HEAL now?

  • Half of the world’s population cannot access essential health services.
  • Almost 100 million people are pushed into extreme poverty each year because of health expenses.
  • The top 20 countries with the lowest life expectancy worldwide are in Africa.

The Covid-19 pandemic has placed a spotlight on health inequities within and between countries. So too has it demonstrated that we are only as strong as we are united. It is against this backdrop that the British government has cut aid spending by £4bn. The damage caused by these cuts on the world’s most vulnerable cannot be understated. We must respond together.

It’s time to put the most vulnerable communities throughout the world at the front of the queue, not the back. It’s time to prioritise health equity. It’s time to HEAL.

Ready to Help HEAL?

Join our Health Advocates Network!

Open to health workers across the world, the Health Advocates Network is rooted in THET’s long term commitment to partnership in global health and to building stronger health systems in low- and middle-income countries.

If you are a global health enthusiast and want to add your voice in support of a healthier world for all, join our network today!

Action Pack for Change

You don’t have to be a campaigner or have advocacy experience to add your voice in support of global health investments.

Take a look at our Action Pack for Change which contains plenty of top tips, resources and guidance to help you challenge the status quo!

Health Workers for Health Equity


of NHS health workers think that investing UK Aid in LMICs is important.


agree that sharing clinical knowledge and skills globally can benefit us all.


agree that health is central to human development and the reduction of poverty.

“I feel betrayed with the recent UK government decision to reduce international aid. We all live in a global village. It is not right for us to enjoy all prosperity when people in the world are dying due to lack of basic needs such as vaccines, clean water, and medicines for preventable diseases.”

Satyan Rajbhandari - NHS Doctor

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Meet our HEAL Partners

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

This campaign is very generously funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF).

From poverty to health, to education, BMGF works to dramatically improve the quality of life for billions of people by building partnerships that bring together resources, expertise, and vision. They work with the best organizations around the globe to identify issues, find answers, and drive change.

Click here to hear more about our partnership from Andrew Mace, Senior UK Government Relations Officer, BMGF.


Action for Global Health 

We are delighted to be working with Action for Global Health (AfGH) to deliver the HEAL Campaign.

AFGH mobilises the UK’s biggest thinkers, advocates and researchers to ensure that the UK government and other key stakeholders renew their leadership and financial, programmatic and political commitments to global health.