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The Health Innovation Platform

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Global health problems can be solved by anyone, anywhere.

In collaboration with Dr Matthew Harris at the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College London, the Health Innovation Platform (HIP) seeks to support health professionals to foster and develop their innovative ideas. Through our model of health partnerships and based on our Principles of Partnership, we will champion outstanding ideas, tools and techniques which we believe have the potential to transform health systems in both low resource settings and in the U.K.

Join the health innovation platform to help make this a reality.

We believe that investing in innovation – finding new ways to solve problems – is crucial to solving the health problems we face globally.

We know that the world is full of innovators with simple and effective solutions to global health challenges with the potential to revolutionise healthcare.

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Innovation Toolkit for Health Partnerships

THET and Imperial College London have worked together to create this toolkit in the belief that more can be done to support the flow of innovations and that investing in innovation is crucial to bringing about Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

Please click here to view the toolkit. 

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Health Innovation: Bias, Barriers and Breakthroughs

THET recently hosted an event which brought together 120 innovators, global health enthusiasts, practitioners and academics to champion outstanding ideas, tools and techniques that have the potential to transform health systems in both low resource and high income contexts.

Read our full round-up here.

The event concluded with the award of four innovation fellowships to UK health workers looking to foster and develop innovative ideas in Cambodia, South Africa, Uganda and Tanzania. The fellowships will allow each individual to travel to their LMIC partner institution to develop, test and implement their innovation.

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Our Innovation Steering Group

Led by our Patron Lord Crisp, a Steering Group including Professor Agnes Binagwaho (University of Global Health Equity), Professor Ged Byrne (Health Education England), Dr Matthew Harris (Imperial College), Dr Sara Urassa (Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College), Dr Shams Syed (World Health Organization), Dr Navina Evans (East London NHS Trust), and Victoria MacDonald (Channel 4) will guide the project and fellows to ensure innovations from across the health partnership community are identified, documented and showcased.