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Our global portfolio of events is a fantastic way to network, share learning and shape the future of global health!

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Previous events

The UK-Africa Health Summit 2024

Building on the long-established platform provided by the UK-East Africa Health Summit, this conference explored the multifaceted dimensions of global health by shedding light on the intricate web of challenges faced by the health workforce worldwide and the growing movement of health professionals engaging in cross border collaboration. 

Read the UK-Africa Health Summit Learning Paper here.

THET's 2023 Annual Conference

Accelerating action on Universal Health Coverage: the role of Health Partnerships

This year’s THET Conference at the end of October followed the UN General Assembly marking the midpoint of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as three High Level Meetings (HLM): on Universal Health Coverage (UHC), Pandemic Preparedness and TB.

With a backdrop of the intersecting crises of climate change, conflict, and the devasting legacy of the COVID pandemic, limited progress on universal health coverage, and regression on some health SDGs, our 2023 Conference aimed to reinvigorate progress on access to health for all.

Read the conference Learning Paper here.

THET's 2022 Annual Conference

THET’s 2022 Annual Conference, Reframing Health Partnerships: Diverse Voices In A New Era, brought together hundreds of people, organisations and communities involved in Health Partnerships across the globe.

Catch up on the session recordings here.

Click here to read the conference Learning Paper.

Going Global 2022

The eight-part NHS Going Global webinar series is designed to provide interactive and engaging sessions for NHS staff and final year medical and pharmacy students to learn about engaging in global health activities. From exploring the opportunities available, to understanding how to capture the learning gained, the initiative is a fantastic place to begin your global health journey.

Catch up on the session recordings here.

COVIDPartnerships Conference: Transformative Pathways for a Healthy Recovery

Confronted by crises, coups and cuts, global partnerships have had to adapt and respond faster than ever. Our third and final COVID Partnerships conference explored the conditions driving the pandemic and helped shape our collective response.

Access, Equity, Quality and Workforce formed central themes on the day and through interactive workshops and keynotes, delegates discussed, debated and developed our next steps.

Click here to read the conference Learning Paper.

THET's 2021 Annual Conference

At this year’s Annual Conference, we explored the Power of Partnership: Solidarity in the Shadow of COVID. Characterised by unbreakable bonds of friendship and trust, the Health Partnership community has responded triumphantly to the colossal strains faced over the last year and the Conference was a moment to celebrate this beating heart.

To read the conference Learning Paper, please click here.

To catch up on the session recordings, please click here.


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Partnerships in a time of COVID-19

At our second COVID Partnerships conference in partnership with the ESTHER Alliance and ACHEST, participants had the opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved by the Health Partnership community since our Partnerships in a time of COVID conference last April, and look to the future, recognising the immense pressure that is now falling on health workers in every country.

We were especially motivated to organise this free conference because of the deeply worrying increases in infections and the slow pace of vaccination campaigns in sub-Saharan Africa observed since the start of 2021. It felt important to look afresh at how the Health Partnership community is pulling together, when solidarity is more important than ever.

To read the conference Learning Paper, please click here.