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11th September | 1pm – 4pm – Click here to register for free

Join us for an afternoon of debate, inquiry and ideas as we explore the contribution health professionals who identify as members of a diaspora are making to global health activity and in particular to health partnerships between the UK and LMICs.

Building on THET’s work addressing themes of migration and innovation, both of which touched on the contribution of NHS diaspora staff, the event will take the form of an inquiry with experts sharing insights as well as soliciting ideas and knowledge from the audience.

The event will explore the broader context we find ourselves in and examine the marginalised voices of diaspora organisations within the wider quite often hostile environment. We will also reflect on what we already know about the contribution diaspora are making to global health and partnerships between the UK and LMICs and will explore the question of how we measure this engagement.

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Health For All: A Decade to Deliver

1st & 2nd – 5th & 6th October | Online

Over the course of four half day sessions and taking our cue from the 75th UN General which immediately precedes us, THET’s 2020 Conference will explore the challenges of the decade to come. We will approach this through the lens of Health Partnerships looking in particular at the quality and inclusivity of our work, bringing together voices from across the health, development, academia and governmental communities to explore topics from gender and social inclusion to migration and mobility laying the stage for the Decade of Delivery.

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Partnerships in a time of COVID-19 | Virtual Conference

Individual health workers are at the forefront of the response to COVID-19 and under almost unprecedented strain. As the pandemic passes from one continent to the other, affecting all in turn, how can health workers best support each other across borders? Drawing on THET’s long experience of fostering Health Partnership working, and organised in partnership with the ESTHER Alliance and Medics Academy and with speakers from WHO, this day-long online conference explored the options open to individual health workers and the institutions they are part of, to express solidarity at a time of Covid-19.

Catch up series is now available online!

Read our Conference Reflections paper here.