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Senior International TA

Introduction and background

DFID implements a large range of programmes in Somalia and Somaliland in the areas of governance, economic and private sector development, humanitarian and conflict response, health, nutrition and overall social development. The Somalia Health & Nutrition Programme – SHINE Supply Component aims at providing access to basic health and nutrition services as defined by the Essential Package of Health Services (EPHS) to 2 million inhabitants of Somalia and Somaliland and strengthen the capacity of Somalia and Somaliland’s Health Authorities to oversee, coordinate, plan and manage the implementation of essential health service provision as defined in the Essential Package of Health Service framework. SHINE is a 5-year programme to reduce mother and child deaths in Somalia by improving the supply and demand for improved health and nutrition services. The programme aims to strengthen Somali Health Authorities (SHAs) oversight of basic service delivery and contribute to the wider state building agenda.

The SHINE programme comprises four components:

  • The CHANGE component – essentially the successor of the HCS programme. CHANGE is implemented in three regions, previously covered by HCS, i.e. Sahil Region in Somaliland, Karkaar Region in Puntland and Gedo Region in Central South Somalia. The implementation of the CHANGE programme started in 2017.
  • The SHINE Commodity Security component that should ensure the provision of adequate essential medicines and supplies for EPHS delivery in selected SHINE Supply regions. The provision of key EPHS commodities started in 2017.
  • The SHINE Supply component, which comprises the Fund Management for provision of EPHS services (90%) and support to Health System Strengthening (HSS) (10%). Mott MacDonald was awarded the contract as Fund Manager of the SHINE Supply component, which is being implemented from 1st July 2018 – 30th June 2021.
  • The Demand Creation component, that aims at strengthening uptake of available health services through the development, piloting, testing and scaling up (through partners) of appropriate behaviour change interventions across Somalia. This programme is implemented by PSI.


This assignment is to contribute to the Health System Strengthening of the SHINE supply component.

SHINE Supply – Health  System strengthening priorities:

National health sector reform has been defined as a sustained process of fundamental change in national policy and institutional arrangements led by government and designed to improve the functioning and performance of the health sector and ultimately the health status of the population (WHO/SHS/96.1). The countries of Africa differ considerably in their historical, economic and political contexts, though they also share a number of important problems and specific policy instruments in approaching health sector reform. Therefore, there is no single formula, recipe or agenda for national health sector reform. However, it is clear that economic and political circumstances as well as good leadership are most important for a reform movement and the implementation of change.

Main Goal of this assignment.

The purpose of this assignment is to strengthen the capacity of District Health Management Teams in order to be able to oversee the implementation and monitoring of the Essential Package of Health Services, as guided by the health sector strategic plan and district implementation plans.


The objectives of this consultancy  is to provide expert technical assistance to the development and delivery of training to DHMTs, using internationally recognized training resources, adapted to the Somali/Somaliland context and to the Terms of Reference for the DHMTs.



Key Deliverables Expected:

  • Clear agreed ToRs for RHMTs and DHMTs to ensure clear separation of responsibilities of the regional and district health management teams.
  • Recommendation of which training package should be used for the training of DHMTs and how it should be adapted to meet the Somali/Somaliland context and the requirements of the agreed ToRs for the DHMT.
  • On the basis of the findings, tailor recommended DHMT training modules to the Somali context
  • Prepare and conduct facilitator training sessions to equip facilitators to deliver DHMT training to DHMTs in their regions.
  • Draft and compile a final report of the training of facilitators and recommend a training plan for the 16 DHMT Training.
  • Remote mentorship of facilitators in the delivery of the training modules

Requirements and working relationships

  • The consultant will need to be able to travel to Somaliland and Somalia, and spend periods in Nairobi. Some of the work can be delivered remotely from the consultant’s home location.
  • The project will benefit from the input of a National team, including Technical Assistance in Hargeisa and Mogadishu and a support team who will organise the logistics and undertake preparatory and follow-up work in between the inputs of the Senior International Technical Assistant.
  • The consultant will work closely with THET Senior Health Coordinator and THET Country Director and Focal people from the MoHs

Consultancy Timeline

The work is to begin in June  and will be completed by February 2020. Total level of effort anticipated to be 70 days.


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How to apply

The consultant/s should submit a technical and a financial proposal. The technical proposal should include a description of the proposed methodology and confirm time lines. The financial proposal should include the fees for the technical assistance.

Interested individual consultants or a team of consultants should submit a cover letter, CV/s and detailed work plan and budget to recruitment-som@thet.org and louise.mcgrath@thet.org, no later than 29th May 2019.  Submissions will be assessed on a rolling basis.


THET will cover international and local travel, accommodation and subsistence in country. Consultant (s) is responsible for own insurance and relevant government taxes outside Somaliland/ Somalia.

The consultant will be required to undertake Hostile Environment Training – this will be organized by THET.

The selected experts/consultants must be available to provide appropriate levels of input at various stages throughout the assignment delivery.

The consultant must comply with the THET and MM rules and procedures related to security.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Adviser

Salary:                  £33,958 – £40,325 per annum (dependent on experience)
Location:             THET London Office
Hours:                  37.5 hours/week


Main purpose

The Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Adviser makes a key contribution to the quality of our country programmes, grants management and external engagement work – providing MEL advice and support across the organisation and to the health partnerships we support. The post-holder will contribute to the design of new programmes as well as technical advice and input to the monitoring, evaluation and learning of existing programmes.  The Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Adviser will develop tools and guidance and provide capacity development support to ensure we and our partners are effectively assessing the effectiveness of our work. This post will ensure we make full use of evidence and lessons from our programmes and facilitate the sharing of learning across the health partnership community.

The Adviser will also play a crucial role in ensuring that our external communications and policy work (at all levels) are informed by and accurately represent our evidence base.


Main Responsibilities

Support new programme development

  • Provide MEL input into funding proposals for new programme activity, including leading on the development of Theory of Change and MEL frameworks

Contribute to the design and management of grant programmes.  

  • Assist in the development of THET managed grant calls, contribute to the development of assessment criteria, review grant applications and review grant holders’ reports
  • Conduct monitoring visits to recipients of grants or programmes (in the UK and overseas) where appropriate and commission evaluations and studies to increase understanding of good practice.


Strengthen MEL capacity and effectiveness across THET and the Health Partnership community

  • Provide ongoing support and advice to the Country Programmes and Grant Management teams in MEL theory and practice and the delivery of MEL activity.
  • Provide MEL support to the policy manager to generate evidence-based policy influencing at the UK, country programme and at the global level
  • Provide MEL advice and support to health partnerships.

Develop systems and tools to support MEL

  • Develop relevant MEL tools and systems to guide and support good practice (within THET teams and for health partnerships)
  • Develop and maintain data storage systems which are easily accessible and understandable for the wider THET team.

Generate and support the sharing of learning on the effectiveness of health partnerships

  • Review reports, evaluations and other literature, to collate evidence of impact and to synthesise lessons learned for donor reports and for external publications. Where required and feasible, undertake studies to complement this information.
  • Identify and implement mechanisms for sharing and disseminating good practice across the health partnership community. Work with the External Engagement team and the wider health partnership community to disseminate findings across a range of media including health journals, bulletins, and Royal Colleges.


  • Represent THET at external meetings with donors, NGOs and others, as required.
  • Undertake other tasks as may be required, commensurate with experience.


for a full job description, please click here


How to apply

Closing Date: Sunday, 02 June 2019

Interviews to be held: Friday, 14 June 2019

This post is UK based. Non-EC nationals will require current and valid permission to work in the UK.

THET Trustee - Honorary Treasurer

THET Trustees:

All Trustees are also Directors of the Board and members of the incorporated charitable company. They are asked to promote THET’s mission and values, provide high quality governance in accordance with the requirements of charity law and good practice, guide its strategic development, monitor the performance of its senior staff and support its work by drawing on their personal contacts and experience.

Remuneration: The role of Trustee is not accompanied by any financial remuneration.

Location: London

General Trustee responsibilities

  • Ensure that THET complies with its governing document, charity law, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations.
  • Ensure that THET pursues its objects as defined in its governing document.
  • Ensure that THET applies its resources exclusively in pursuance of its objects.
  • Contribute actively to the Board of trustees’ role in giving firm strategic direction, setting overall policy, and evaluating performance against agreed targets.
  • Make fellow THET trustees aware of their financial obligations and take a lead in interpreting financial data to them.
  • Safeguard the good name and values of THET.
  • Ensure the effective and efficient administration of THET, and its financial stability.
  • Protect THET’s property and ensure the proper investment of funds.
  • Be responsible and effective employers of THET’s staff.

In addition to the above statutory duties, each trustee should use any specific skills, knowledge or experience they have to help the Board reach sound decisions. This may involve:

• Scrutinising board papers.
• Leading discussions.
• Focusing on key issues.
• Providing guidance on new initiatives.
• Other issues in which the trustee has special expertise.

Specific duties of the Honorary Treasurer

• Chair the Finance, Risk and Governance Committee.
• Oversee the plan/budget process on behalf of the board.
• Board-level liaison with external auditors.
• Liaise with and support the CEO and the Head of Finance, HR and Operations to:
• Be assured and to inform the assurance of all Trustees that the financial resources of  THET are well managed and meet its present and future needs.
• Maintain a particular interest in its longer-term prospects and strategy.
• Contribute to the fundraising strategy and activity of THET, maintaining contacts    with sources of charitable income.
Trustee – Honorary Treasurer Time commitment:
• Attend 4 half-day Board meetings each year as well as a strategy ‘away-day’ [total of 22 hours per annum].
• Chair the Finance, Risk and Governance Committee four times per year for half a day (12 hours)
• Liaise with and support the CEO and the Head of Finance, HR and Operations (varied)
• Optional attendance at the annual conference and other related THET events e.g. evening fundraising events, talks at the Royal Society of Medicine, receptions at the House of Lords etc.

For a full role description, please click here

Treasurer person specification


• Strong interest in, and commitment to THET, its mission and strategy.
• Willingness to devote the necessary time and effort (minimum of 8 days per annum).
• Understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities of trusteeship.
• Good experience of financial management and strategy.
• Willingness to contribute to fundraising.
• Intellectual rigour, and willingness to make difficult recommendations where necessary.
• Ability to work effectively as a member of a team


• Experience of charity finance, fundraising and governance
• Good networking and contacts with fundraising and sources of charitable income

How to Apply

If you are interested in serving as a Treasurer on the THET Board, Please send your CV and a statement of interest to jobs@thet.org .

We value the input of people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives and wish to continue to diversify our board in ways that reflect our programmes.

Closing Date: Sunday, 7th June 2019

Data Protection Policy for Employee Data

Data protection legislation regulates the way in which certain data about yourself (received as part of applying for employment with the Tropical Health & Education Trust (THET), both in paper and electronic form is used and held.

The following statement describes the type of data that the THET keeps about job applicants and the purpose for which it is kept and your rights under the GDPR related to data processed about you, should you apply to work for the THET. This applies whether your application is received direct by the THET or via an agency.

Processing job applications

From the point at which we receive your application for employment with the THET, the THET will need to maintain and process data about you for the purposes of reaching and communicating a recruitment decision and production of an offer of employment if appropriate. Such data is normally retained for six months following completion of our recruitment processes in the event of an offer of employment not being made.

Should an offer be made a further fair processing notice will be provided alongside any offer covering how such data is used and stored during the processing of offers and subsequent employment.

Processing at the recruitment stage includes the collection, storage, retrieval, alteration, disclosure or destruction of data. The kind of data that the THET will process includes:

  • Interview details including notes of interviewers, dates and times
  • Candidate’s work history
  • Qualifications and experience relevant to the role
  • Ethnic origin (for monitoring purposes only)
  • Disabilities (for monitoring and adjustments only)
  • Date of birth (for post-employment health checks and adjustments advice only)
  • Contact details, including addresses, phone numbers and other contact details including historical address records for staff vetting and ID verification
  • Criminal records (only where relevant to role and where legally permitted)
  • Court judgements and directorships (only where relevant to role and where legally permitted)
  • References provided by previous employers and personal or educational referees
  • National Insurance number
  • Rights to work information for example copies of passports, ID cards, residence permits
  • Documents to confirm identity and address for example the above and utility bills, bank statements

THET believes that those records are consistent with the recruiter, candidate and in the event of an offer being made, employer relationship between the THET and yourself and with our requirements under data protection legislation.

Applicant and employee data

The data the THET holds may be held and processed to meet the THET’s legal responsibilities and also for the purposes of management and administration of an offer of employment, ascertaining suitability for employment, to comply with equal opportunity, immigration and money laundering legislation and, from time to time, the need to disclose data it holds about you to relevant third parties (or example where legally obliged to do so by HM Revenue and Customs, UK Border or other public authority, or where requested to do so by yourself for the purpose of giving a reference).

In some cases, the THET will use automated profiling methods to analyse the above data, including against standard industry benchmarks, but will not use such methods as the sole basis for any related decision making.

In some cases the THET may also hold sensitive data, as defined by the legislation, about you. This could be information about health, criminal convictions and financial debts and directorships.

If you wish to view the information held about you, you must make a written request to the HR & Operations at gdprinfo@thet.org . You may, within a period of thirty days of your written request, inspect and/or have a copy (subject to the requirements of the legislation) of information held about you and, if necessary, require corrections should such records be faulty.

Your rights under the GDPR also include the following:

  • The right to rectification
  • Right to erasure (sometimes known as the right to be forgotten)
  • Right to restrict processing
  • Right to data portability
  • Right to object
  • Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling

Should you have any complaints regarding the handling of your data you have the right to lodge a complaint with, HR & Operations at gdprinfo@thet.org .