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Country Programmes

We currently run large health system and health workforce capacity development programmes in Ethiopia, Myanmar, Somalia/Somaliland, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

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With a presence in six countries, our work is grounded in a deep understanding of the needs of low and middle income countries and how we can work in partnership to meet them.

Through our Country Programmes we support a range of capacity development programmes working at different levels of the health system, and with different cadres of health worker and institutional partners to support the training of health workers
and strengthen of the health system they work in.

We have been managing donor funded projects to strengthen health systems and Human Resources for Health (HRH) for over 25 years. We develop partnerships in health care, health management and training to enable people in low- and middle-income countries to access essential healthcare.

Our country staff work with local and national governments, the private sector, universities, health institutions, NGOs and the NHS to strengthen health systems and run efficient projects.

We work according to the following guiding principles:

  • Strive for improvements to access for the most vulnerable and underserved populations
  • Place an emphasis on high impact, cost effective interventions
  • Work based on needs identified by local partners and Ministries of Health
  • Share information, knowledge, experience and opportunities with stakeholders and the wider global health community
  • Work in partnership with similarly motivated organisations, governments, academia and civil society

We are always looking to develop new partnerships and are interested in being contacted by any prospective partners who share our vision.

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