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Digital Transformation

Enabling technology to support health system across the globe.

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Digital Transformation Strategy

THET’s Digital Transformation Strategy sets out a new approach to working in the digital age. Our aim is to ensure the effective use of technologies within both THET’s work and across Health Partnerships as we strive towards our goal of Universal Health Coverage. This work has been possible with the support of NHS England and their Global Directorate, the Department of Health and Social Care, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Johnson & Johnson, who support THET’s digital work to date. 

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Our Approach: 

  • Community Engagement 

Working directly with the Health Partnership Community to support the use of technology for better project outcomes. 

  • Innovation 

Helping to identify and incorporate new technologies to support our goal of Universal Health Coverage. 

  • Advocacy 

Engaging with the global health sector to address the broader issues of the Digital Divide posed by new technologies and accessibility. 

You can read more in our Digital Strategy here.