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Grant Management

THET is a trusted manager of grant funds for both the UK government and the private sector. With a wealth of technical skills and experience-based knowledge we work to create effective grant partnerships.

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We offer comprehensive grant management services for government, private sector, NGO and donor partners, aimed at delivering and supporting programmes that strengthen health systems globally.

With over 30 years of working side by side with national governments in the UK and across Africa and Asia, THET has an admirable reputation as a strategic manager of grants which bring maximum value to the lives of patients both here in the UK and abroad.

To date we have managed over 300 grants through partnerships with the Department for International Development, the Department of Health and Social Care, and Johnson & Johnson, with grant values of between £3,000 and £1.5m.

If you have any questions regarding our grant management please contact our Head of Programmes, Louise McGrath: Louise.McGrath@thet.org

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Commonwealth Partnerships for Antimicrobial Stewardship Scheme

Since 2018, THET has been strengthening the capacity of the national health workforce and institutions in four Commonwealth countries to address antimicrobial resistance challenges. With support from the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association, projects under this scheme aim to improve antimicrobial stewardship across health institutions in sub-Saharan Africa. The scheme is funded by the the Department of Health and Social Care through the Fleming Fund.

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The Africa Grants Programme

THET is currently working with Johnson & Johnson to support health partnerships to deliver health worker training programmes in low and middle income countries with a particular focus on surgery, anaesthesia and community health.

THET has previously worked with Johnson & Johnson to manage the Strengthening Surgical Capacity programme. Projects under this scheme focused on reducing morbidity and mortality from conditions requiring surgical intervention and/or enhancing patient safety as a result of improved anaesthetic care.  Under this scheme 1,390 health professionals have been trained helping to improve care to thousands of patients.

The grant management piece is one of the attractions of THET because you have the skills and competencies to make it happen. It’s a fantastic partnership and certainly something that we could not have done alone.

Ian Walker - Director, Johnson & Johnson Global Community Impact.

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