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Global Health Workforce Programme

The Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET) is delighted to announce the new Global Health Workforce Programme (GHWP) which provides £8.9 million to strengthen the health workforce in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria.

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The programme overview

The Global Health Workforce Programme (GHWP), funded by the UK Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), aims to develop the health workforce in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria, supporting them to build stronger, more resilient health systems for post-pandemic recovery and to make progress towards universal health coverage. 

The GHWP has three objectives: 

  • To optimise the health workforce in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria through improved human resources for health (HRH) planning, including improved geographic distribution, skill mix, workforce data and employment.*
  • To build the capacity of the workforce to serve in these countries through improved retention and training opportunities.  
  • To strengthen the performance of the health workforce in these countries through improved curriculum, policies, and regulation. 

*This objective will mostly be delivered by the WHO rather than through Health Partnerships, however, grant holders will be expected to liaise and align with WHO plans.

As the fund manager, THET is offering Health Partnerships between the UK, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria the opportunity to bid for: 

  • Large grants of between £200,000 to £350,000 that feed into the country scoping priorities and programme outputs; 
  • Small grants up to £50,000 for projects that tackle specific areas such as innovation, rural health facilities, leadership opportunities for women and protected groups, and the climate crisis.  

These grants will run from 1st February 2024 until 31st January 2025.  A pot of up to £500,000 will also be available for draw-down expertise to respond to specific requirements outside of the Health Partnership model.   

With a strong focus on building local ownership and sustainability, these partnerships will contribute to the following programmatic outcomes:   

  • Partnerships contributing towards improved health workforce leadership capacity aligned with health workforce strategies, that will support reduction in gender inequalities.
  • Partnerships aligning with and contributing towards retention and wellbeing strategies.
  • Improved the number and quality of training opportunities for health workers.
  • Co-developed and documented learning on health workforce interventions shared with key national and international stakeholders.

For institutions that are considering a collaboration between Ghana, Kenya and/or Nigeria, THET held an international forum on Monday, 6th November 2023, 9 am-1.30 pm (GMT). The purpose of this forum was to facilitate discussion between potential partner organisations and to identify possible areas of work for collaboration.  

To be alerted to the call for applications, please sign up to the THET newsletter here and fill out our Expression of Interest survey here. If you are not already part of a partnership, this survey is also an opportunity to find an appropriate institution to partner with.

Meet the GHWP grantees!

For the full list of the awarded partnerships, please click here!