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Dr Marion Lynch

UK NHS National Nurse Director for the NHS Genomics Programme and a Global Health Consultant

Marion is currently the UK NHS National Nurse Director for the NHS Genomics Programme and a Global Health Consultant. She is a registered mental health nurse, a registered general nurse and a public health specialist with 40 years experience in health care delivery, health systems development and health professional education. Marion has used these professional and system leadership skills internationally working with Ministries of Health and Universities.  In 2018 Marion worked in the Ministry of Health in Zambia to develop a national quality strategy and with WHO and the MoH in Jordan to identify how to implement the WHO Hearts programme. She is currently working with University of Global Health Equity and designing their first MSc in Nursing Leadership. She intends to return to Zambia as soon as is feasible and to be teaching in Rwanda too.

From 2013 – 2020 Marion was an NHS Regional Deputy Director and from 2000-2020 an Academic Associate Dean. Prior to this she was a Public Health Specialist in the UK women’s health and in mental health, and before that worked as a nurse internationally. She loves learning and teaching and so alongside working in health Marion has completed her Doctorate in Health Science, MSc Health Promotion and an MSc in Primary Care Development.

Her passion for health and education has also been harnessed by THET to develop the PULSE platform and to support grant application priorities and design and evaluation. As Trustee of the health and arts Charity Paintings in Hospitals (PIH) Marion has developed arts based well being resources and written extensively on the ways arts may help health and health professional education.

In 2016 Marion set up a Charity Fiona Foundation for Kids which works in collaboration with other global health and social welfare charities to develop volunteer skills and empower mothers. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 Marion returned to clinical work and joined the London Nightingale teaching faculty, since then she has continued to help clinically when needed.

Marion now balances health, leadership and academic / research roles. She is Visiting Professor with University of West London, a Clinical Associate with Primary Care international and researcher and evaluator with Experienced Led Care (ELC). She also has a company and website  Quality Education and Research Ltd.

Marion started her nursing career in the 1980s working with young people living with cancer. She continues to be passionate about the life challenges and choices available to young people. She continues this clinical role and volunteers with the Ellen MacArther Cancer Trust as boat mate and medic combining her Yachtmaster level sailing skills and nursing skills and taking young people on life changing residential sailing adventures.