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Professor Elisabeth Trimble

Elisabeth Trimble, previously Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Metabolic Medicine, Queen’s University Belfast, and Consultant Chemical Pathologist, Royal Group of Hospitals, Belfast; trained first as a Clinical Endocrinologist in Belfast and then spent the next 10+ years at the Institut de Biochimie Clinique, University of Geneva. There, laboratory-based diabetes research, in the group of the late Albert Renold, was the main focus; she also held a part-time honorary consultant post in the university teaching hospital, the HÔpital Cantonal, Geneva.

On return to Belfast she was asked to set up a new university department of Chemical Pathology at Queen’s University and was appointed Consultant Chemical Pathologist at the Royal Group of Hospitals. Clinical duties included diabetes clinics and responsibilities in the regional service for Inherited Metabolic Diseases (laboratory diagnostics and clinical management); diabetes research continued, both laboratory-based and clinical.  Since stepping down from this post she has been involved with the THET NCD programme in Ethiopia and has lost her heart to its rural people.