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Bi-directional Learning Research Project: Call for Evidence

16 September 2021


Have you taken part in a THET-funded international health partnership or volunteering activity? Would you be interested in taking part in research about your experiences of this? If so, please read on for more details!

THET and Imperial College London are collaborating on two pieces of research about bi-directional learning/innovation. We aim to capture evidence about THET-funded international health partnerships’ (IHPs’) experiences of this, with a view to promoting its facilitation. We believe that this will strengthen the delivery of high-quality healthcare to the UK population, through the NHS. You can take part in either study or both, depending on your eligibility.

  • 1. This applies to NHS staff who have in the past or are currently participating in THET-funded IHPs, and who have had the opportunity to introduce learning from their international placements into the NHS. We are seeking 12-15 volunteers for brief (30-35 minute) interviews, to gather in-depth information about experiences of implementing learning. This project has received ethical approval from the Imperial College Research Ethics Committee (Reference number 20IC6786). Whether or not you take part is entirely your decision, and you are free to withdraw at any time and without giving a reason. If you decide to take part, you will be sent a participant information sheet with further information to review, and a member of the study team will contact you to coordinate a time for an interview. Interviews will take place virtually (using MS Teams) and will be scheduled at your convenience. You will also be asked to review and sign a consent form prior to your participation.
  • 2. This applies to NHS staff who have in the past or are currently participating in THET-funded IHPs or other volunteering opportunities. We are planning to conduct workshops, aiming to have facilitated discussions which will support the capture and debrief of learning witnessed during international placements. These workshops will serve as a forum to reflect on the learning process, the ideas that were captured, and whether there were any missed opportunities and how these could be avoided in the future. Further information on the workshops, dates and locations will be shared with those who express their interest in participating.

If you would like take part, or need further information, please contact Mark Skopec on mark.skopec17@imperial.ac.uk.

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