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COVID-19: Cementing Support for Women and Girls

22 April 2020


The support we have received from the Fraxinus Trust over the past two years has been invaluable to THET. It has allowed us to strengthen our approach to gender equity internally, and support Health Partnerships across the UK, Africa and Asia to advance their focus on women and girls.

As THET moves to support those on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are extremely grateful to have received a contribution to our newly established Health Worker Action Fund from the Fraxinus Trust. Their support will be crucial as we work to provide Health Partnerships with the funding they need to ensure health workers in Ethiopia, Myanmar, Tanzania, Somalia/Somaliland and Uganda are able to access the training and resources they need to provide quality care to patients at this time of great need.

We heard from Trustees, Justin and Victoria Ash, on their experience working with us and their ambitions for the Trust:

We are delighted to be supporting THET’s Health Worker Action Fund at this challenging time. The Trust is particularly eager that funds reach women and girls who will be disproportionately affected by this pandemic, as they are faced with growing economic, physical and social vulnerability. Supporting women and girls’ health has been at the core of the Trust’s aims from the very beginning, as gender equality is an issue that we, as a family, feel incredibly passionate about.

The Trust has chosen to support THET because we share its vision of a world where everyone, everywhere has access to quality healthcare.

Our support is an expression of solidarity with those health workers in Africa and Asia who achieve so much with so few resources in challenging environments.

We hope that at this critical moment the fund will enable health workers to share learning and expertise across borders and bring access to urgently needed protection and equipment to health workers.

Learn more about the ‘Transforming Health Partnership’s Approach to Gender Equality’ project here.

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