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Ethiopia | Statement of Solidarity, Condemnation and Action

15 November 2021


The developments in Ethiopia have caused us great concern, and we have been working to understand the impact this has having on our staff and programmes.

We are pleased to say that staff members are currently safe and well, and we sincerely hope that you and your colleagues are too.

We have established a regular communication with the Ethiopia team to track any changes or developments. In the meantime, we continue to carry out programmatic activity where safe and possible as we work to ensure access to quality healthcare for all.

To this end, THET has published the above statement. As a community, the THET team stand alongside their colleagues, health professionals and the citizens of Ethiopia at this troubling time.

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  • Mesfin
    17 Nov 2021 19:55
    Thank you, @Ben Simms , and I wonder your organization, THET, for expressing your concern and condemning this reckless war. Starting from June Tigray region is safe except for the medical care, but the problem in the two zones of the Amhara region; north wollo and south wollo become triple of the crisis faced by Tigriy region. The TPLF special force revenged the Amhara region, and the federal government by killing this people, by looting health care equipment from health facilities, killing civilian including children and females, committing sexual abuse, and terrorizing the community. We are ashamed of our predecessors act, and loss power to talk about Ethiopia; because of TPLF, and its collation, OLF. The Ethiopian people will also look your far support by reporting a organized data, and influencing politician to end the war soon. May the supernatural power think Ethiopia!!
  • Mesfin
    17 Nov 2021 19:31
    Thank THET for the solidarity, condemnation, and action statements. This time the Ethiopian people really demand a wide perspective from the global community to end the war soon. You showed up your support and please go beyond far for the sake of mothers and children aside of health professionals

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