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2020 Annual Conference

Health For All: A Decade of Delivery

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Join us on 1st & 2nd October in London for our Annual Global Health Conference!

This Decade of Delivery opens in a mood of pessimism and uncertainty. The great advances in health achieved at home and abroad over the past 100 years are under unprecedented strainInfectious diseases are on the rise and just a plane ride away. 60 million people are on the move, displaced by conflict, natural disasters, and climate changeAntimicrobial resistance threatens to kill 10 million of us by 2050. And as if that weren’t enough, the world faces a health worker shortage of 13 million by 2035.

And yet. Never has the UK health community been more globalized and interconnected. Home to the National Health Service, a global leader in health policy and medical education, and a vibrant voluntary sector supported by historically high levels of ODA funding from the UK Government and private foundations, the UK is playing an unprecedented role in solving some of the world’s common health challenges.

Over the course of two days and taking our cue from the 75th UN General which immediately precedes us, THET’s 2020 Conference will explore the challenges of the decade to come. We will approach this through the lens of Health Partnerships looking in particular at the quality and inclusivity of our work, bringing together voices from across the health, development, academia and governmental communities to explore topics from gender and social inclusion to migration and mobility laying the stage for the Decade of Delivery.