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Getting to grips with THET’s Resource Library

6 June 2013

THET’s Evaluation & Learning Officer, Emily Burn, guides us through the Resource Library on thet.org/hps and explains why it’s useful for those working in health partnerships.

The Resource Library of the Health Partnership Scheme website provides a unique range of materials to help health partnerships deliver diverse projects. Everything in the Resource Library is aimed at partnerships both new and old and we add to the content on a regular basis in order to make sure we are providing current and relevant information.

The library includes publicationscase studies and good practice guidance. For example, you’ll find the Monitoring and Evaluation planning template helps with rigorous, resource specific M&E plans; interviews with health workers from the Kambia District, gathered by The Kambia Appeal as part of their evaluation of their IHLFS grant; and case studies of IHLFS projects in Zambia and Uganda.

Many of the resources we have published take inspiration from or are using your stories and experiences to educate and support others who are engaged in health partnership work.

For instance, we heard directly from both the UK and developing country partners about their experience of Health Links under the IHLFS and we have produced good practice guidelines and advice that cites the challenges and effective solutions they found.

We now need to hear from you: what do you want to see on the Resource Library pages?

We are always looking at templates and guidelines that help to make sense of key project planning activities, specifically in the context of health partnerships, but what else would you like to see here that will help you and your partners to work effectively together? Comment below or contact us directly at hps@thet.org

This post was written by:

Emily Burn - Evaluation & Learning Officer, THET


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