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Health Worker Peer Support Programme Pilot Launch!

7 July 2022


Pulse is the go-to platform to create, connect and collaborate at the heart of the global health partnership community.

Having launched in 2021, Pulse enables the sharing of learning, facilitates project collaboration and furthers a sense of community amongst Health Partnerships and volunteers. With over 1,000 members from across 50 countries, the platform captures best practice to strengthen health service delivery globally and strengthen networks of support and collegiality across borders.

We are delighted to announce the launch of a peer support networking tool within Pulse which allows users to volunteer to participate in peer support, find other health workers to engage with, and detail their experience and expertise.

If you are interested in sharing professional skills and expertise, listening and discussing global health with interested colleagues you can join the network in the following ways:

1) First, join the Pulse platform here.

2) After signing up, you can select Peer Support Programme from the navigation bar or by following this link.

3) You will be required to fill out a profile including your experience and interest in the programme. This will allow participants to find and match with someone who is relevant to them.

Interested participants can also contact ciaran.barbour@thet.org for further information.



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