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Highlights from our Country Programmes Teams

5 December 2017

2017 has been a fantastic year for the Country Programmes teams. From a new office in Myanmar to a new Overseas Development Institute research programme in Tanzania.

Here follow the highlights from the year.

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In Ethiopia, 30% of all deaths are due to Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). For over twenty years we have been working to improve both service delivery and access for rural communities. The THET Ethiopia NCD Alliance (THENA) is now a year old and its new website holds a fantastic array of research, updates and impact.

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After decades of neglect on healthcare and education services under the military regime, the country is faced with significant gap of highly skilled manpower, resources and infrastructure to deliver the safe comprehensive healthcare. THET Myanmar was set up in April 2017 with objectives of coordinating and strengthening UK contribution to healthcare in Myanmar. Since then an Alliance has formed which continues to grow in both size and impact.

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For seventeen years we have been working to change the fact that there are just 0.29 doctors per 1000 of the population.  This year, sees the first year of the 5-year ‘Prepared for Practice’ project led by King’s College Hospital that seeks to address Somaliland’s health workforce crisis by putting practice-oriented learning, teaching and assessment at the centre of Somaliland health education. For more on our work in Somaliland please click here.

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There is a shortage of 82,000+ health workers in the Tanzanian health sector. Since 2011 we have been working to change this, a year ago we opened our Country Office in Dar es Salaam and in his latest blog Godwin Kabalika, Country Director,  explored the highlights and projects he has been working on.

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Our engagement in Uganda dates back to 1991 when our founder, Sir Eldryd Parry, started teaching at Mulago Hospital. Since then our work in Uganda has hugely expanded at Mulago Hospital. Since the launch of our Uganda office in 2016 we have stepped up our support to UK-Uganda health partnerships and the Uganda-UK Health Alliance. Click here to see more of the work we have been doing this year.

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Up to 50% of medical equipment in Zambia is out of service. Since 2011 we have been training Biomedical Engineering Technicians in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and NORTEC, our latest health worker profile illustrates the impact training programmes such as this are having throughout Zambia.

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