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Launch of our Academic Partnership Project in Tanzania

9 August 2019


Academic partnerships in global health are vital to ensuring that we are working toward evidencebased solutions to the challenges that people face in accessing high-quality, appropriate healthcare services around the world.

THET is pleased to announce that with the generous funding of the Veta Bailey Trust, we will be supporting the establishment of a new academic partnership between Queen Mary’s University, London and a partner institution in Tanzania. 

This oneyear project will focus on the development of a partnership that will strengthen research capacity, particularly in the area of healthcare research across various healthcare levels in Tanzania. With support from UK and Ethiopian partners, researchers from Tanzania will be supported to develop their ability to demonstrate the impact of community health interventions on the health system as a whole 

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  • Mohamed
    08 Nov 2021 07:59
    I'm joining to you
  • Bahati Amon
    11 Aug 2019 12:47
    Dr bahati amon foundation Uganda non for profit would love to form a consortium between Tanzania & THET.

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