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Maintaining Links to Fight the Pandemic

6 May 2020


We are delighted to receive support from InfoPro Digital for the Health Worker Action Fund. The kind donations and messages from the staff, some of whom we have worked with closely in the past, are a real encouragement to our cause – thank you.

We heard from David Pagliaro, Group Managing Director at InfoPro Digital, on why they have chosen THET as one of their sponsored charities:

‘For the past two years different teams at InfoPro have gotten the chance to grow involved in a range of aspects of THET’s work, so I am delighted we are able to support the Health Worker Action Fund at this critical time.

I was initially attracted to THET’s mission for three reasons – first, their focus on health, which is something I have always considered of utmost importance – everyone should have access to healthcare. Second, their global reach where they train and educate health workers by connecting the needs of ministries of health of low income countries with the skills of NHS workers and trusts; and, third, their sustainability where it only transfers knowledge and not money.  

On this last point, THET acts as a conduit through which the NHS learns from the practices of countries where resources are scarce. These links are now more vital than ever, as new information arises from different parts of the world on a daily basis. Sharing knowledge across borders could help save lives everywhere –  we hope the funds raised will enable THET to reach more health workers, providing those with the fewest resources with the training and equipment that they require to make it through this pandemic.

We are delighted to be matching the funds raised by staff at this important time and I am grateful to my team for showing such solidarity and generosity at this complicated time.’



This post was written by:

David Pagliaro - Group Managing Director, InfoPro Digital


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