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Mental health training in Somaliland – Day 41

2 November 2013

Friday 1st November

While I did a consultancy on epilepsy, today was a rest day, and a day to round things up. I was lucky enough to be invited to a female student’s house for a wonderful lunch. Hayat had prepared a feast! We were joined by all the ladies who attended the course, which was a fantastic opportunity to get to know them better. It was a delight for me to have the opportunity to spend this time with my new friends.

Later, myself and Mandip had a consultation with the sister of a student, who had epilepsy that was not well controlled and may also have had some anxiety. We were then joined by our friends and colleagues. Then the time came to say goodbye, until next time.

I have been so impressed by the warm welcome I have received from everybody in Borama, I really felt like part of a family here and know that I will return.

Su’ed returns from Hargeisa where she will been doing a nursing TOT course with Mary-Jo who has now been in Somaliland for over a week. She is pleased with the course.  We have a very nice send off from all our friends and both Mandip, Jibril and I are thrilled with the outcome of the course and how it has all gone to plan.

Lastly we do a little work on Jibril’s presentations, as soon he is off to Mogadishu to present at a large health conference. It is an exciting opportunity to present all the incredible work he has done in Somaliland.

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