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New Global Capacity Building programme grants set to support health workforce development in Uganda, South Africa and Zambia.

25 July 2023


An NHS England-funded grants programme will be administered by the Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET) to collaborate on health systems and health worker capacity development between the UK and Uganda, South Africa and Zambia.  

Grants will be awarded through the Global Capacity Building programme with a value of up to £50,000 each. The programme will facilitate transnational knowledge and skills exchange through global health partnerships between NHS institutions in England and health organisations in Uganda, South Africa and Zambia. 

As a long-standing and trusted partner of the UK Government, THET will work closely with Ministry of Health officials from each grant country to ensure grants respond to national priorities and engage key stakeholders.  

Ben Simms, Chief Executive Officer of THET commented: “THET is proud to partner with NHS England in supporting the co-creation of health workforce solutions in Uganda, South Africa and Zambia through this new programme. The grants seek to have an impact in these three countries whilst also providing benefits back to the NHS organisations involved. By providing unrivalled opportunities to engage in multi-dimensional learning with partners in Africa, this programme facilitates the opportunity share and deliver innovations in healthcare that will enhance the patient experience, improve health outcomes and reduce health inequalities.” 


THET’s in-country teams will facilitate the delivery of the new programme, providing bespoke, expert logistical and strategic support to grant holders to ensure maximum impact. 

The new programme comes during the 75th anniversary celebrations of the NHS, with the grant call due later in 2023 and the programme set to run until late 2025. 

Muleba Matafwali, Zambia Country Director at THET added: “I am delighted that Zambia is among the countries which will receive grant funding in this round of the Global Capacity Building programme. Building workforce and health system capacity in Zambia is essential to our continuing vision of a country, and a world, where everyone has access to healthcare.” 

This post was written by:

External Engagement Team - THET


  • Tadesse
    03 Aug 2023 08:23
    is there capacity building program for Ethiopia health care workers
  • Candia
    02 Aug 2023 19:07
    I appreciate this initiative by NHS England to support capacity building of the health workforce in the three African countries during which NHS England and the the African countries will all benefit in one way or the other. However, care must be taken to ensure that the programm is not construed to none priority health service areas as well as construed to one specific regions of the countries named in Africa
  • Richard Semanda
    02 Aug 2023 10:04
    At 60 years, Ugandans can expect to live for at least another 15 years of which 65% are more likely to be sick and one of the risk factors leading to chronic diseases are Non -Communicable Diseases (NCDs) which account for 75% of all death of older persons in Uganda. The population of older persons is growing by nearly 3% of the general population which is 1.66 million older persons Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) 2016 and 23% older persons reported at least one with NCD that leads Ugandans becoming weaker and more frail as we age, the rapidity with which it happens depends on our lifestyles, our environments and especially, on the medical attention we receive. There are also basic challenges with the availability, accessibility, acceptability and quality (AAAQ) of healthcare for older Ugandans. To ensure that every older person is able to live and age with dignity Geriatric Respite Care Foundation (GRCF-U) is to have a multi-functional, intergenerational, sustainable, community- based scalable formal care is to join the THET Partnership for Global Health and Join Global Capacity Building.
  • Doreen Ruth Akuno
    01 Aug 2023 16:19
    We are so grateful for your endless support to us health workers of uganda to see that we enhance our knowledge and experience to serve our people diligently. Hope to be part of the team.
  • Doreen Ruth Akuno
    01 Aug 2023 13:45
    Looking forward to enhance my knowledge in health and support my country uganda
  • Primrose Magala
    31 Jul 2023 14:55
    Thank you THET team and Mr Ben Simms for your continued support and compassionate leadership. It is this dedication and commitment that is saving lives and transforming communities. Thank you for giving back to LMIC's where many of us working in the NHS come from. Heartfelt thanks for everything.
  • Primrose Magala
    31 Jul 2023 14:50
    This is fantastic news, dear THET team! Thank you so much indeed for your continued life saving and community transforming support for LMIC's. As Diaspora working hard to build and sustain the greatest Centre of Excellence globally, the NHS, it is motivating that you are also working hard to support and bridge gaps and strengthen health systems in LMIC's wheremany of us come from. Heartfelt thanks to everyone and especially the compassionate leaders like Mr Ben Simms. Amazing legacy!
  • Rose
    31 Jul 2023 10:15
    Thank you for this great opportunity for the health workforce. How do we get a link for application?

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