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Blue leaf
Blue leaf

Partnerships in a Time of COVID-19 Learning Paper


Learning points and key reflections from our #CovidPartnerships virtual conference held in March 2022.

Conceptual Framework – maximising flow of bidirectional learning into the NHS

Mark Skopec, Matthew Harris, Hamdi Issa

The Conceptual Framework is a one-page guide to maximising bidirectional learning, to benefit Health Partnerships and the NHS.

Innovation in the NHS through bi-directional learning

Mark Skopec, Matthew Harris, Hamdi Issa

This report explores the facilitators and barriers to bidirectional technical learning in Health Partnerships.

Experts in Our Midst Fact Sheet


Experts in Our Midst seeks to chart an ethical way forward for policymakers in the UK and overseas, offering recommendations that enable, engage, and empower.

Health Worker Wellbeing and Global Engagement

Lisa Kelly and Dr Kit Chalmers on behalf of the Streering Group

This report sets out the findings of an inquiry process which aimed to compile existing evidence for and to seek new information on the connection

HEAL: Together for UHC | Learning Paper

Michelle Udoh, Campaigns and Outreach Officer, THET

Drawing over 140 registered attendees from more than 20 countries, THET hosted a virtual event in collaboration with Action for Global Health and Students for

Health Technology Management Impact Report – Zambia 2021

THET Zambia

Click here to read the Health Technology Impact Report from our Project in Zambia.

From Drain to Gain: The role of the UK in building ethical international recruitment strategies for Quality Universal Health Coverage


In 2021, THET worked in partnership with the African Centre for Global Health and Social Transformation (ACHEST) to run three symposia examining the role of

Partneriaethau Iechyd Cymru Gydag Affrica

Dr Kit Chalmers

Mae gan Gymru hanes hir o ymwneud mewn modd cadarnhaol gyda gwledydd incwm isel a chanolig ac rydym mewn cyfnod nawr sy’n cynnig cyfle sylweddol.

Wales’s Health Partnerships with Africa: Maximising potential for mutual benefit

Dr Kit Chalmers

Wales has a long history of positive engagement with low- and middle-income countries, and we are now at a moment of considerable opportunity. As we

International Health Activity in Wales | Rapid Review

Dr Kit Chalmers and Bernard Okeah

This review documents the considerable assets Wales has at its disposal in the international health space, looking across all sectors. Wales is home to world-leading

Gweithgaredd Iechyd Rhyngwladol yng Nghymru | Adolygiad Cyflym

Dr Kit Chalmers a Bernard Okeah

Mae’r adolygiad hwn yn cofnodi’r asedau sylweddol sydd ar gael i Gymru ym maes iechyd rhyngwladol, gan edrych ar draws pob sector. Mae Cymru yn