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THET condemns attacks against medical facilities and personnel in Israel and Palestine

27 November 2023


The escalation of violence across Israel and Palestine since October 7th has had a devastating impact on healthcare workers and facilities and patients, and represents a violation of the principles of medical neutrality as upheld by UN Security Council Resolution 2286. This resolution, unanimously adopted by Member States, strongly condemns attacks on medical facilities and personnel and emphasises the need for all parties in conflict to fully comply with their obligations under international law.  

The dire circumstances of the conflict have been further compounded by the blockade of humanitarian aid. Limited access to crucial supplies and support has meant that remaining healthcare infrastructure is at risk of collapse, impeding healthcare workers from performing their vital duties.  

On October 20th, THET joined with over 70 UK International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs), to call on the UK government to advocate an urgent ceasefire

We are relieved to note that a temporary ceasefire has now been agreed, which we hope will extend to a lasting cessation of hostilities. This will help enable the flow of humanitarian aid and the restoration of healthcare services. As we await the full effect of this pause, we renew our call for full adherence to international humanitarian law, safe and unimpeded humanitarian access into and across Gaza, and the protection of civilians, including their right to seek safety from hostilities. 

At THET, we stand in unwavering solidarity with health workers in conflict zones globally, those in Palestine and Israel, and those in countries where we work including Myanmar, Syria, Ethiopia and Somalia-Somaliland. 

In all circumstances we will champion the need for immediate and unrestricted access to humanitarian assistance and advocate for the safety and welfare of healthcare workers and the patients they serve. 

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THET - External Engagement Team


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