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THET launches Remote International Mentoring Partnership Scheme to strengthen global health capacity

14 August 2023


The Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET) is proud to announce the launch of its Remote International Mentoring Partnership Scheme (RIMPS). Designed to empower and support health workers in low-and-lower middle-income countries (LMICs), RIMPS aims to foster bi-directional learning and enhance the quality of care provided to communities in these regions. 

RIMPS is a mentoring scheme that will connect LMIC health workers with experienced and dedicated mentors based in the United Kingdom. The goal of the scheme is to support the co-creation of approaches to improve the capacity of LMIC health workers, providing them with support and guidance to thrive in their crucial roles. By facilitating this exchange of knowledge and expertise, THET will foster stronger and more sustainable international Health Partnerships (HPs). 

Ben Simms, CEO of THET commented: “We are thrilled to introduce the Remote International Mentoring Partnership Scheme (RIMPS) as part of our ongoing commitment to strengthen global health capacity. Through this innovative programme, we aim to bridge the gap between LMIC health workers and their UK-based counterparts, creating a supportive network that empowers healthcare professionals in both regions to learn and grow together.” 

Health workers in Ethiopia, Myanmar, Somaliland, Syria, Tanzania, Uganda, Yemen, and Zambia are eligible to participate in the scheme. THET believes that by linking these countries through the health partnership model, the exchange of knowledge and experiences will not only enrich the skills of LMIC health workers but also create a lasting impact on healthcare systems in the participating regions.  

As part of THET’s commitment to support the creation of stronger health systems worldwide, RIMPS envisions that learning will be a two-way street. Both mentors and mentees will be encouraged to share experiences, insights, and best practices to create a mutual learning environment that benefits all parties involved. 

To find out more information about the programme application process, please visit our website, sign up to our newsletter here, and follow us on Twitter (@THETlinks). 

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