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THET stands with health professionals in Myanmar.

24 March 2021


The developments in Myanmar have caused us great concern, and we have been working to understand the impact this has having on our staff and programmes.

We are pleased to say that staff members are currently safe and well, and we sincerely hope that you and your colleagues are too.

We have established a regular communication with the Myanmar team to track any changes or developments. In the meantime, we anticipate that programmatic activity with Myanmar stakeholders will be postponed. However, where it is possible, background activity will continue.

We remain concerned about the restrictions and violence faced by members of health professionals and the wider community in Myanmar.

To this end, THET has published the above statement. As a community, the THET team stand alongside their colleagues, health professionals and the citizens of Myanmar at this troubling time.

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  • Andy Bacon
    10 Apr 2021 13:14
    A civilised army and security forces would not violate the neutrality of healthcare providers. The actions of the coup leaders have demonstrated their lack of values and professional standards as well a violating international law.
  • Kieran Moriarty CBE. Consultant Physician
    01 Apr 2021 13:38
    I am deeply concerned for the safety of healthcare colleagues as they attempt to do their jobs, just as I am for all those in Myanmar who rely upon them to protect their health and wellbeing. It is unacceptable that health professionals should face restrictions or violence and I fully support this statement from THET calling for the Myanmar armed forces and police to respect humanitarian law.

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