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Roda Ali Ahmed

Lecturer, University of Hargeisa

Roda Ali Ahmed, a registered nurse with over 30 years of experience as clinician and educators. She has a strong passion for health system strengthening and health workers capacity building. Roda had held many position at WHO, University of Hargeisa and president of Edna Adan University.

Roda had contributed to the establishment of many programs to strengthen the health system in Somaliland; she started the first nursing and midwifery training program in Somaliland after the civil war in 2000 at edna Adan Hospital. Participate in the establishment of Somaliland Nursing and Midwifery Association “SLNMA” in 2004 and held the position of Vice President 2004-2010.

Roda also, participated in the establishment of Somaliland National Health Profession Commission “NHPC’ in 2010 and still services as member of the technical committee.

Roda was involved in THET and King’s support in Somaliland as early as 2001, and participated in the establishment of THET, King’s Somaliland partnership in 2004.

Currently she works as a lecturer at the University of Hargeisa.