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Monitoring Change in a Health Partnership Project - guidance from the Wessex UK - Korle Bu health partnership

Learn about the ways in which the Wessex UK - Korle Bu partnership have established rigorous data collection processes so that they can track the development of the stroke team.  This is a practical guide which includes templates developed by the partnership that you can download.

Monitoring Change in a Health Partnership Project - guidance from The Kambia Appeal

The Kambia Appeal share their approach to monitoring and evaluation. This is a practical guide to help other health partnerships consider ways in which they can enhance their approach to monitoring change. 


Monitoring and Evaluation plan

Use this M&E plan template to work through the resources that you will need to undertake all your data collection, management, and analysis. You should use this resource at the start of the project. 


Evaluation FAQ

This document provides step-by step guidance for health partnerships on how to effectively carry out an evaluation of their projects and partnerships in the form of commonly asked questions.


Monitoring & Evaluation: guidance and lessons learnt from the International Health Links Funding Scheme

Health partnerships reflect on what worked and the ways in which they overcame challenges in their M&E activities. This advice from other health partnerships could help you with planning your own M&E.

The Value of Data

Dr Lisk, the UK Coordinator for the partnership between Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital and Lumley Government Hospital Sierra Leone, describes the how they monitor their project to understand developments in the provision of epilepsy services.


CASE STUDY: Assumptions, barriers and lessons: Establishing a locally led training course at Nanyuki District Hospital

“We trained trainers…then for a long time, nothing seemed to happen”: lessons learned on the road to establishing a locally led training course at Nanyuki District Hospital, Kenya.


CASE STUDY: Developing a culture of learning in Malawi

For the York-Zomba partnership, it began with designing their monitoring and evaluation system collaboratively so that all stakeholders were committed to the principle of learning and how monitoring and evaluation is integral to it.


Project Monitoring - a guide

A thorough overview of project monitoring which covers: purpose; practical considerations; data collection; and determining who your audience is and how to share your results with them.


Sharing and learning: good practice from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health 

A library of resources, developed by volunteers, for volunteers and their local counterparts. The resources themselves are not formally endorsed by RCPCH or THET, but the development of useful resources which can be used and adapted to a wide range of local context demonstrates good practice.