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News, events and stories from across the health partnership community. We would love to hear from you! If you have an idea for a piece or an account from a trip please contact our Communications Team: comms@thet.org

The NHS shouldn’t despair: We are a beacon for healthcare worldwide

Despite its current well-publicised problems, the NHS in its 70th anniversary year remains a shining example to the world on how to build an equitable health system....

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NEW Discussion Paper – The Transition from Aid

The ‘Transition from Aid’ is part of THET’s Discussion Paper series, which address challenges within an ever-changing development landscape. ...

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Highlights from THET Annual Conference 2017

3 days, 350 delegates and 98 speakers presenting on all things global health and partnerships: our 2017 Annual Conference provided insight into the power of global health...

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Global Health: From National Beginnings to International Partnerships

After six years of global health partnerships it is clear that the model has really come of age. The stats speak for themselves......

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Global Health: The Northern Irish Approach

Professor Nathan Congdon explores the global vision work being done in Northern Ireland...

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Brexit: Self harm or a shot in the arm?

Ben Simms, THET’s CEO, gave a stirring keynote speech on the need to go beyond media headlines & act together to promote both a stronger NHS & a fortified global health....

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Now more than ever: in defence of aid

THET CEO, reflects on the challenges we face as individuals engaging in the health partnership approach as we live through this tumultuous period in UK politics...

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