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Case Studies

Case studies from Health Partnerships focusing on all aspects of project work from M&E to clinical care.

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Development of Nurse Leadership for Palliative Care in Uganda

This project aimed to establish nurse leaders for palliative care in Uganda....

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Training an Alternative to Bone Setters – Improving Orthopaedic Surgery in Ethiopia

Ethiopia needs over 10, 000 orthopaedic surgeons but presently they have less than 500, serving a massive population of over 100 million people....

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Public Health Wales International Health Strategy: Nationally Focused, Globally Responsible

Wales has a long & rich history of being an outward looking nation, whilst ensuring coherence with UK foreign affairs, international development legislation and policies....

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Assumptions, barriers and lessons: Establishing a locally led training course at Nanyuki District Hospital

“We trained trainers…then for a long time nothing seemed to happen”: lessons learnt on the road to establishing a locally led training course at Nanyuki District Hospital...

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Lessons learned from monitoring and evaluation experiences in Zambia

The need for a THET funded project arose when it became clear that serious deficiencies in patient care would continue unless the systems used by clinical staff improved....

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Collaborating with NGOs to deliver projects

The project set out to improve and expand cervical screening and treatment for women screened in hospital and in rural screening camps....

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Developing a culture of learning in Malawi

The York-Zomba partnership aimed to develop the role of local village-based health workers through training and support in delivering mental health interventions....

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Innovative training in Zambia

Lectures, case-based discussions, incident meetings, a journal club, and acting out emergency scenarios; the ZADP partnership has many approaches to training & education....

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Managing risk in South Africa

For Improving Global Health (IGH) through Leadership Development programme, managing risks is more than just completing a register....

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Governance structures in Dodoma and London

Planning clear structures elicits trust with the set committee overseeing the project as a whole and subgroups being accountable to the main committee....

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Developing a respectful partnership

To develop a respectful partnership, understanding each other's strengths and weaknesses is built into the way in which the work is delivered....

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An equitable partnership – defining roles and sharing responsibilities

The equitable partnership defines roles and shared responsibilities, where through the needs assessment, decisions on priorities and plans from both sides are made....

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