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Case studies from Health Partnerships focusing on all aspects of project work from M&E to clinical care.

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Building a strong interdisciplinary team

Building a strong interdisciplinary team is vital when each discipline has skills and experience to offer the partnership as well as the patients in their care....

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Recognising health system challenges

Recognising health system challenges requires an approach where a culture is developed in which it is acceptable to talk frankly about them, so that they can be addressed...

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Assessing needs to create effective plans

The collaboration between NHS Highland and partners in Ghana and Zambia who are reducing health harm caused by alcohol....

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Aligning partnership plans with an institution’s strategic plan

The partnership between Royal College of Midwives and Ugandan Private Midwives Association detail how they aligned their project plans....

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Value for Money and Health Partnerships

International development donors, such as DFID, are increasingly asking us to demonstrate and explain the impact of our work in value for money terms....

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The value of data

Dr Lisk, UK Health Partnership Coordinator, describes data gathering for project M&E from Epilepsy Association of Sierra Leone clinics, health centres, and hospitals...

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Building professional capacity to improve child health in Palestine

The Palestinian Ministry of Health has identified deficiencies in primary care for children in the West Bank. Health service managers and local and visiting tutors have...

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Training & capacity development for colposcopy & cervical pathology in Nepal

By training colposcopists & supporting a country-wide cervical screening programme, this is attempting to reduce mortality rates due to cervical cancer in Nepal's women....

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Prioritising palliative care in Africa

Due to the large burden of disease in Africa, there is a need for culturally appropriate, holistic palliative care...

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Tackling alcohol abuse in Ghana

In the rural Upper West Region of Ghana, levels of harmful alcohol use are on the rise. Alcohol dependency affects the young and the old, both men and women, and can...

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Tailored volunteer support

Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone are a long way from meeting Millennium Development Goal 4 - reduction of under-five mortality...

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