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Read accounts about the overseas health workers and volunteers involved in health partnership activity across the globe and the impact it's having on patients.

Midwives, mothers and medicines

I decided I wanted to be the person who gives babies to mothers as I love children....

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Three women (and a man!) making a difference for the mothers living in the Mwanza region, Tanzania

Here are the accounts of three female CHWs (and one man!) who are bringing real change to the communities they serve....

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Maternal and Newborn Health: Breaking barriers in rural Uganda

Vincent Kyeswa is the manager of the St. Bernards Mannya Health Centre, situated in Masaka Province. Our colleague Edvige met him and his team in March 2017. ...

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Video – Global Links: Working Together to Improve Child Health Across Africa

RCPCH Global Links is a long-term volunteering project funded by THET. The project places UK volunteers in health institutions in five African countries....

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Video – Midwifery & Health Partnership volunteering

UK midwives who volunteered with the Global Midwifery Twinning Project reflect on their time overseas, the challenges local midwives face......

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Video – What would the world be like without midwives?

In this video UK Midwives who volunteered with the Global Midwifery Twinning Project answer the question, what would the world be like without Midwives?...

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