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Toolkits and Guidance

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Value for Money of Health Partnerships: Case Study of the partnership between East London NHS Foundation Trust and Butabika Hospital, Uganda

Gillian Eva

This case study explores the Value for Money (VfM) demonstrated by a partnership between the East London Foundation NHS Trust, UK (Trust) and Butabika Hospital,

Alternative funding opportunities for Health Partnerships


In addition to our existing Fundraising Toolkit, available on this website, we are pleased to share with the Health Partnership Community a list of alternative

Building a Caring Future

Northumbria Health NHS

The toolkit has been developed to provide NHS employers with evidence of professional development and the benefits brought back to the NHS.

Engaging in Global Health

UK Dept of Health and UK Dept of International Development

This framework focuses on how voluntary international development work can contribute to building and sustaining capacity in low- and middle-income countries. It also outlines the

Toolkit for the collection of evidence of knowledge and skills gained through participation in a international health project.

Health Education England

This toolkit gives volunteers and local staff the opportunity to learn from each other to develop future practice – particularly in areas such as public

Training Opportunities for Health Partners


In this paper, we focus on four partnerships that are undertaking training initiatives focused on building capacity for surgery and anaesthesia.

Making it Work- A Toolkit for Medical Equipment Donations


This toolkit provides UK-specific guidance to health partnerships to assist them in evaluating whether or not to donate, and how to do so effectively. It

Managing the Medical Equipment Life Cycle


This resource identifies ‘Assumptions’; expectations which might be valid for high-resource settings but which are not necessarily valid for low – and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Technology for Effective Partnership Collaboration


This guide identifies online and electronic tools that can help partnerships collaborate more effectively.

Case Study: Quality and the Health Partnership Movement


Impact Goal 3: Champion the contribution health workers are making to the development of our societies Case Study: Quality and the Health Partnership Movement

HPSymposium Webinar


This webinar will provide an overview of key points and themes emerging from presentations and discussions at the Health Partnerships Symposium held in Dar es

Effective Fundraising for Health Partnerships with Jenny Fletcher


Top tips for your fundraising strategy. Learn about the ways to diversify funding for your partnership, how to make the most of your networks, and