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Toolkits and Guidance

Blue leaf
Blue leaf

Volunteer Support


Health partnership activities are based on building capacity through volunteer exchange. Therefore, volunteer support and management is essential for the effectiveness of health partnership activities.

National Medical Equipment Donation Policies


This list provides links to the national medical equipment policies for those sub-Saharan African Countries that have them

National Medical Equipment Donation Survey

A.Worm and THET

This infographic shows the results of THET's research into national medical equipment donation practice and policies in sub-Saharan African countries.

Donating Drugs and Medical Equipment: A Guide for Volunteers


This leaflet sets out some of the things to think about before individuals consider donating medicines or equipment, it is not an exhaustive list or

Training & capacity development for colposcopy & cervical pathology in Nepal


This partnership hopes to increase the number of trained colposcopists, expand the capacity of colposcopy clinics, and increase the number of trained pathologists experience in

Lessons learned from monitoring and evaluation experiences in Zambia


For the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland and University Teaching Hospital, Zambia partnership, the unanticipated challenges of data collection, monitoring and evaluation

Project Plan Template and Guidance

Emily Burn

Representatives from both sides of the partnership should be involved as it documents changes you want to achieve, how you will achieve them & importantly,

The value of data


Dr Lisk, UK Health Partnership Coordinator, describes data gathering for project M&E from Epilepsy Association of Sierra Leone clinics, health centres, and hospitals. The data

Cross-Organisational Learning

Feed the Minds

Cross-organisational learning resource from UK based charity, Feed the Minds helping you to share and interact better. Cross-organisational learning is about learning ‘with and from’

Monitoring Change in a Health Partnership Project

Ruth Laryea

The partnership between The Kambia Appeal and Kambia District Health Management Team in Sierra Leone explain their approach to monitoring and evaluation. This practical guide

Practical Advice and Support on Per Diems

Scotland Malawi Partnership

An increasing number of members of the Scotland Malawi Partnership (SMP) and our sister organisation in Malawi, the Malawi Scotland Partnership (MaSP), have commented on

Monitoring and Evaluation


Health Partnership Symposium on Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning: 1st March 2017. The event was attended by 90 global health actors including health partnership representatives from