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Neema Vicent

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Neema Vicent

Trainee Community Health Worker


My sister trained as a Community Health Worker last year and after hearing about her studies and how much she enjoyed the course I wanted to do the same so I began my course in October 2018.  After four months of training I am very keen to get started. For me, health is crucial and I am determined to make a difference in my community.

So far we have been doing different modules from basic life skills to maternal and newborn health and we have just done our first semester exams. In Semester two we do seven weeks of field work, we are placed in a community and we use our training to help. Our tutors visit and assess and guide us through it. My hope for the future is to be employed, I know that only a few CHWs are employed currently, my sister is sadly not one of them, but I want to make a difference so I will do what I can until I am employed formally.