A talented bunch of people dedicated to improving health around the world. Get to know THET's staff.

Ben Simms

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Jones

Head of Partnerships

Louise McGrath

Head of Programmes Development

Ruben Pyndiah

Head of Finance

Wario Guracha

Somalia Country Director

Eunice Sinyemu

Zambia Country Director

Paul Ahura

Uganda Country Director

Godwin Kabalika

Tanzania Country Director

Marta Roxberg

Senior Partnerships Manager

Amy Scrivener

Fundraising Manager

Graeme Chisholm

Volunteer Engagement Manager

Claire Jenkinson

HR Executive & Administration Manager

Dan Ritman

Evaluation and Learning Manager

Edvige Bordone

Communications Manager

Charlotte Ashton

Communications Officer

Richard Skone-James

Country Programmes Coordinator

Laura Macpherson

Country Programmes Coordinator

Lucy Hartshorn

HPS Support Officer

Linnet Griffith-Jones

Grants Officer

Peris Thuo

Grants Officer

Salmaan Sher

Grants and Finance Officer

Sophie Pinder

Evaluation and Learning Officer

Carmel Moran

Research and Evaluation Officer

Penny Cassell

Financial Controller

Subajini Surendran

Finance Officer

Emilien Nkusi

Health System Strengthening Manager (Somaliland Programme)

Samatar Ismail Ahmed

Logistics & Security Officer (Somaliland Programme)

Nura Aydid Ibrahim

Programme Officer (Somaliland Programme)

Nimo Abdi Ibrahim

Finance Officer

Abdi Ali Noor

Somaliland Driver

Edward Tonkin

Programme Manager, BMET (Zambia Programme)

Misheck Kasaro

Programmes Support Officer (Zambia Programme)

Mpongwe Chanda

Nutrition Programme Coordinator

Sheila Aryatuha

Administrative Officer - Uganda Office